Resources required to be in place at ECD centres

According to the SOP, issued by DSD – To reopen an ECD centre, following the South African national lockdown, a number of important resources, documents and systems need to be in place.


We have created this webpage to help you! Click on the icons below to download the resource.

This is a collection of the required protocols/procedures, schedules, checklists, letters/pamphlets/communication, posters and record/registers that ECD centres are required to have in place, as per the Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines document, released by the Department of Social Development on 23 June 2020.

Legal Documents for ECD Centres – Government Directives, Regulations, Procedures, Guidelines and Gazette

Here you will find a collection of all the necessary legal documents for ECD, including all the Government Directives, Regulations, Procedures, Guidelines and the Gazette. We thought it would be helpful to have all these documents in one place!

In the Self-Assessment Form (under section 4.1), DSD asks if you have copies certain documents. These are as follows:

We have also included here the Gazette, the SOP and SOP summary, so that you are able to access all the important documents you need in one place.

We put out a call to our ECD centres to share the resources they have created for their centres. After receiving these, we adapted the documents to make them applicable for all centres. For some documents, it may be necessary to adjust to fit your ECD centres and for this reason, we have produced the documents in Word to make this easier. We do not have documents for all the items listed – these documents can be used as a starter pack for now and we will share more resources as we receive or create them.

Parent Checklists – Translations

The Department of Social Development has provided translations of the “Parent Checklist” for the safe return of children to their ECD centres. Click on the Language below to download the versions you require.

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