CECD’s Registration Programme
Assisting ECD centres to register with DSD

CECD is one of eighteen service providers in the Western Cape tasked by the provincial Department of Social Development to assist ECD centres with the process of registration as a partial care facility with the department.

Each of these service providers are given certain geographical/target areas in which to assist. While we work with ECD centres directly in compiling required documents, the Department of Social Development is ultimately responsible for registration (through the approval of the centre’s portfolio of evidence) and will issue the registration certificate.

CECD’s target areas are as follows:

Muizenberg; Pelican Heights; Pelican Park; Eagle Park; Lakeside; Seawinds; Hillview; Lavender Hill; Zeekoevlei; Grassy Park; Parkwood; Ottery; Westlake; Steenberg; Coniston Park; Kirstenhof; Tokai; Retreat; Heathfield; Elfindale; Diep River; Bergvliet; Meadowridge; Southfield; Plumstead; Wynberg; Constantia; Kenilworth; Harfield Village; Claremont; Newlands; Rondebosch; Rosebank; Mowbray; and Lotus River.

You can also view these areas on the map below. Click on the map image to view the live google map.


If your ECD centre falls into one of these target areas, please contact us to start your registration process!

If your ECD centre is in the Western Cape, but does not fall in one of these target areas, please view the list of the other services providers working on registration in the Western Cape, which can be found here.

What is registration and why is registration important?

According to the Children’s Act No. 38 of 2005, ECD centres must register as a partial care facility and/or after-care services with the Department of Social Development if they are looking after seven (7) or more children, and must adhere to the Minimum Norms and Standards. (These Norms and Standards can be found here).

The process involves working with the service provider responsible for your area and providing the required documentation, certificates and clearances (See Checklist for Requirement Documentation, Form 11, Form 29, Form 30 and Form 16) that are needed to compile a portfolio of evidence for your ECD centre. Once this portfolio is complete, the service provider delivers this to the Department of Social Development, where the portfolio is approved and a registration certificate is provided. The service provider then provides the registration certificate to the ECD centre.

CECD has a group of ECD assistants that visit ECD centres in our areas to assist with the registration process. CECD also has an ECD assistant based at our office in Claremont, with whom you can contact to set up an appointment for assistance or delivery of documentation for your portfolio.

Prior to 1 October 2017 and the involvement of service providers, the Department of Social Development was responsible for the full registration process. However, there was insufficient capacity in the Department and thus there were significant delays in the registering of ECD centres. To reduce this backlog, service providers (like CECD) were brought in due to their existing relationships with ECD centres, their expertise in the field and their capacity to efficiently work through the process of registration with centres.

Improving the registration process for ECD centres is critical for their sustainability and their capacity to offer quality early learning programmes. Quality early childhood development is fundamental to social and economic prosperity, eliminating inequality and the advancement of child rights.

The Process of Registration – Four Steps to Follow

The following graphic shows the process of registration. You can download this graphic as a hi-res PDF here, which will enable you to click on all links in the image. You can also download a text version of this process here.

CECD’s Registration Team

CECD’s registration team includes four field-based ECD assistants, one office-based ECD assistant and supporting staff at CECD. The field-based assistants travel through our target areas and visit ECD centres on-site. Our office-based ECD assistant works with principals electronically, through emails and phone calls, and has appointments with principals to discuss the registration process, at our office in Claremont. If you are in our area, and need to register your ECD centre, please contact Lisa on registration@cecd.org.za or 0216832420 to discuss and/or set up an appointment.

Field-Based ECD Assistants
Lauren Van Der Westhuizen
Navarne Weeder
Nelisa Manyonta
Melissa Strydom

Office-Based ECD Assistant
Lisa Amy Jurgens (registration@cecd.org.za)

Lauren Van Der Westhuizen

Navarne Weeder

Nelisa Manyonta

Melissa Strydom

Lisa Jurgens

Supporting Staff
Bridget Kahts – Registration Programme Manager
Jessica Blom – WC Operations Manager

While our field-based assistants try as much as possible to set up appointments to visit ECD centres, this is not always possible and sometimes our schedule does not run as planned. If our assistants arrive at your ECD centre, please welcome and try accommodate them. They are there to guide you through the registration process. Our team wants to help you and as such, we need to work together. We look forward to meeting you.


To view resources required to reopen your ECD centre, following the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa, please visit our SOP resource page here: www.cecd.org.za/news/sop-resources You can also visit our COVID-19 resource page here: www.cecd.org.za/news/covid19resources

Email registration@cecd.org.za for support with your ECD centre registration.
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