Literacy, Numeracy and Lifeskills

According to studies done by the Department of Education more than 41% of Grade 3 pupils in the Western Cape cannot read, write or count at the appropriate level for their age. Literacy, numeracy and life skills education in South Africa faces a multitude of challenges. Large classes, language of instruction, poorly trained teachers, lack of parent-child interaction and shortages of resources and personnel are very real problems.

More effective and appropriate methodologies for teaching literacy, numeracy and life skills are required.

There is a critical need for innovation to address the challenges of ECD and primary school education in South Africa.

One of our primary goals is to inspire interest in, and understanding of, literacy, numeracy and lifeskills among young learners through interactive and curriculum-inspired activities and resources which present these skills and concepts in a stimulating and exciting way. These workshops and resources will not only provide teachers with dynamic and interesting ways of teaching literacy, numeracy and lifeskills to their children, but will encourage parents to become more involved in their children’s early education needs.

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